Step 1: Information

Prospective educators are required to read the following information on this website:

After you have familiarised yourself with this information, please call Roberta Jull Family Day Care Service on 9490 1866 to talk through the application process. You will also be posted an information pack at this time containing:

  • Introductory Letter
  • Overview of the registration process including application registration and membership process flow-chart
  • Duty statement
  • Roles and responsibilities of your family
  • National Quality Framework (NQF) information
  • Sample statement of fees
  • Required contents of first aid kit
  • Service registration application
  • Criteria for service membership

You will also need to read Chapter 4: Operational Requirements (pages 51-118) from the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) website National Quality Framework Resources – Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Please take the time to thoroughly read the information provided and remember to discuss relevant details with your family.

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