Getting Started

Our Philosophy

Roberta Jull Family Day Care Service supports educators to provide quality child care in a family environment.

Children will have the opportunity to be nurtured, respected and to develop their individual potential in a safe and secure setting. Roberta Jull FDCS works in partnership with families to support them in their child care needs.

Our values:

  • open and honest communication between children, families, educators, staff and management
  • the uniqueness of each educator, staff member, child and family in our service
  • building trusting relationships between families, educators and staff that respect all beliefs, values and cultural diversities
  • a team approach, which encourages the sharing of knowledge and resources

Our goals:

  • promote Family Day Care as a valuable child care service to families in our community
  • promote Family Day Care as a viable and rewarding employment and career opportunity
  • encourage children to reach their potential at their own pace
  • provide safe, happy and stimulating environments for children to learn, explore, question and discover
  • provide professional development opportunities for staff, educators and management to gain further knowledge and skills
  • promote parenting information to the community
  • build positive relationships between staff, educators and families
  • seek continual feedback from all stakeholders with an aim of ongoing improvement to the services provided

Roberta Jull Family Day Care

Quality childcare in a family setting