Essential Skills

Knowledge and Experience

  • A minimum qualification of a Certificate III in Children’s Services, and experience working in a child care setting
  • Ability to plan and provide play-based experiences for children in your care
  • A demonstrated ability to respond to children in an appropriate manner and a positive approach to behaviour guidance
  • A basic level of spoken and written English to help guide children’s learning, communicate with families, staff and essential services, and understand and complete administration tasks
  • Knowledge of good nutrition, health, hygiene and safety

Personal Skills

  • Ability to work cooperatively and positively within the Family Day Care Service
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with children and adults
  • Acceptance of diversity, inclusive practices and respectful of families including cultural or religious practices, disabilities and additional needs
  • Acceptance of the right for each child to learn and grow in a safe and stimulating environment
  • Willingness to learn effective child care practices
  • Awareness of the importance of professional development and continuous improvement.


Family day care can offer the ability to accommodate a range of child care needs, including part time care, full time care, weekend, evening and overnight care. A flexible service will be appreciated by your clients, and the greater your ability to offer flexibility, the more successful your service will become.


As you are running your own small business, you need to take responsibility for the management and administration that goes with it. As a member of our Service, we will offer you ongoing support but it is ultimately your business – your clients, your relationships and your unique service.

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