Service Policies

The Roberta Jull Family Day Care Service policies are developed through consultation with the management committee, staff, educators and families. Policies are regularly reviewed and revised to ensure they are up-to-date and meet current legislative requirements.

The service values your input on matters of policy and strives to keep families informed of policy changes through notices, management committee meetings, direct contact and email.

All service policies including Child Protection, Grievance Procedure, Confidentiality and Privacy, are available for you to access on request. To view the service policies please ask your educator or contact the Service.

Behaviour Management

Educators use positive guidance techniques in their management of children’s behaviour while they are in care. Please talk to your educator regarding discipline and behaviour management. You may request a copy of Policy 13 Guiding Children’s Behaviour for more information or call 9490 1866 to speak with our staff.

Child Protection

The service follows current child protection guidelines set down by the Department for Child Protection and Family Support. Educators and the service have policies and procedures that promote a child protective environment. Please discuss child protection strategies with your educator or ask to access a copy of Policy 1.6 Child Protection.

Grievance Procedures

The Service fosters positive relations between all families, children, staff and educators. Please discuss any immediate concerns with your educator. We welcome your contact with Service staff and encourage open communication between parents and educators. Please phone us on 9490 1866 to discuss the procedure if you wish to address a grievance or to make an appointment for a confidential discussion. Alternatively, you can address your concerns in writing to:

The Manager
Roberta Jull Family Day Care Service
29 Wheatley Street
Gosnells WA 6110
Email: [email protected]

If you wish to contact the Education and Care Regulatory Unit (ECRU) regarding any concerns you have about childcare, please call 62773889 or email [email protected]

Privacy and Confidentiality

All information held by educators and the Service is kept in a confidential manner and accessed only by those who are authorised to do so. The Service recognises and supports the rights of all individuals to privacy and confidentiality of their personal records in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Information is collected for specific purposes and the Service makes every attempt to inform people of the purpose at the time of collection. If you wish to access any records kept by the Service, please request this in writing. Please feel free to update your personal information at any time.

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