Your Child In Care

Settling into Care

Please help your child to adjust to being in a family day care environment by providing your educator with any information that may affect your child’s health or behaviour. Let your educator know of any relevant changes in your home situation.

Some ideas to help your child settle into care:

  • If possible visit your educator’s home with your child a couple of times before they begin care. This will enable your child to become familiar with their new surroundings.
  • Inform your educator of your childs sleep, how much they have eaten, their general wellbeing and any particular interests they may have.
  • When you leave always say goodbye and tell your child when you will be back.
  • If you are worried that your child may not settle, phone your educator to check on their progress. Discuss any concerns or issues you may have with your educator.

It is important for your child’s transition and ongoing learning that you regularly discuss their needs and interests with your educator. Developing an inclusive partnership enables you and your educator to best meet your child’s needs and assist in their all-round development. Working with families in this way enables educators to provide a flexible program and menu to meet the needs of all children in their care.

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