About Roberta Jull Family Day Care Service

For over 40 years, Roberta Jull has been delivering a professional Family Day Care Service that provides quality childcare in a family setting for children 0-12 years.

What is Family Day Care?

  • Family Day Care is a home-based business where care and education of children occurs in a family home.
  • People who provide this service are referred to as Family Day Care Educators.
  • Roberta Jull is an organising body that supports educators, and connects them with families seeking child care.

Research shows that children thrive in small groups and home environments. Children will have the opportunity to be nurtured, respected and to develop their individual potential in a safe and secure setting. Roberta Jull works in partnership with families to support them in their child care needs.

Family Day Care For Families

The benefit of Family Day Care is a personalised, high quality, flexible child care service, provided in a safe and secure home environment.

Each educator offers an individual style of care, however all educators hold early childhood qualifications and are regularly reviewed by our coordinators to monitor education and care standards in accordance with the National Quality Framework (NQF) and the Roberta Jull Family Day care Service Policies and Procedures. The Roberta Jull Family Day Care Service has a current assessment and rating of “Meeting National Quality Standards” in all 7 quality areas.

With a long list of Registered Educators supported through the Roberta Jull service, it’s highly likely that there is an experienced educator in your local area, making it convenient for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Family Day Care For Educators

If you enjoy the company of children and want to make a difference in their lives by providing quality care and learning experiences from your own home, then Family Day Care may be the career for you.

A career in Family Day Care offers you the chance to work with young children; resources, advice and support from a central Co-ordination Unit; the chance to meet new people; and best of all, the ability to combine family and business in a professional and supported environment.

Educators are self employed through  Roberta Jull FDCS and act as our agent when providing care. Educator Registration with the service is reviewed on an annual basis. We provide play sessions at Roberta Jull for educators and children to attend, and conduct regular in-service training for educators and staff.

Government Subsidies for Family Day Care

Just as you would for a standard day care, you may be entitled to government subsidies to aid with your childcare payments.

Click here to contact the Department of Human Services (DHS) or phone 13 61 50 to check your eligibility for:

  • Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

More information is available on our Government Subsidies page. For information about Special Child Care Benefit, which is available to families in specific circumstances, contact us via the online form or call us on 9490 1866 .

About Roberta Jull

Roberta Jull Family Day Care Service is a quality community based childcare provider with a dynamic team of staff, educators and management committee members who are passionate about family day care and work together to provide the best outcomes for children. Our service commenced in February 1983 and is a community based not-for-profit organisation.

Our coordination unit is located in Gosnells and works with self-employed educators in the areas of Armadale, Brigadoon, Brookdale, Byford, Canning Vale, Camillo, East Cannington, Haynes, Gosnells, Harrisdale,  High Wycombe, Huntingdale, Maddington,  Maida Vale, Mt Richon, Piara Waters, Southern River,  Thornlie and Wattle Grove,

If you would like more information about using family day care for your child, or you are interested in starting your own family day care service from home, please click here to contact us or call 9490 1866.

Roberta Jull Family Day Care

Quality childcare in a family setting