Choosing your Educator

Each educator offers an individual style of care. When meeting an educator take the time to discuss their unique service.

To help in this important decision remember to discuss:

  • your child’s routine, development and interests
  • the educator’s menu and any special food requirements
  • the educator’s program and activities available for your child
  • hours of care you will need
  • when and if the educator would use a FDC educator assistant
  • method of payment of fees and the educator’s statement of fees
  • toileting needs for your child
  • rest times and sleeping arrangements for your child
  • arrangements for holidays and absence from care (e.g. for illness)
  • outings and vehicle safety. (Educators may deliver or collect children from their local school(s) and/or attend the Roberta Jull play session). Your educator will have a Benefit Risk Assessment plan for any outing or excursion. Parental permission is required at the time of enrolment or prior to any excursion.
  • clothing requirements for your child. Most children need at least one full change of clothing. Consideration needs to be given for different weather conditions.
  • your family’s cultural requirements.

If possible visit more than one family day care home. When you have decided, inform that educator as soon as possible and complete the enrolment form.

Roberta Jull Family Day Care

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